Editing and Revising explanation in admission application

There is a gap between the time I graduated from high school in Vietnam in June 2017 and when I go to community college in the US because I got accepted to Da Nang University of Economics in Fall 2017 and had attended that school for a few months (I didn’t finish a whole semester) before moving to the U.S on March 2018, I had to wait until the Summer term to start go to the college.

You will need to perform the chores of revising and editing in order to make major improvements to your essay. Both of these steps are highly significant in the whole process of writing. You could believe that having a finished first draft indicates that there is little room for improvement. However, even the most experienced writers still need to improve their drafts and rely on the feedback of their colleagues when revising and editing their work.

You might already be aware that players occasionally drop passes, fumble balls, or overshoot their targets. Occasionally, dancers will miss beats, turn too slowly, or forget steps. Practice makes perfect, and this is true not only for sports but also for dancers; the more they put in, the better their performance will be. When designing web pages, web designers are always on the lookout for more appealing backgrounds, cleverer designs, and higher-quality graphics. Improvement and revision have the same potential to yield benefits when applied to writing.

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